30 New Emoticons 2015


2015 Emotions are our purest form of feelings. Every 2015 emotion has a new story behind it and a person who is emotional feels everything from the depth of their heart. so, never feel weak because you are emotional. You should be proud of the beautiful heart that God gave you. Your emotion is your way of saying that you can feel things what many don’t have the strength or capacity to feel. be the way you are. your emotions will one day make you really strong but at the same time it will never stop you from feeling things from your pure heart. be proud of your emotions because the way you can love and care is beautiful and God knows who are capable of handling their true emotions… IF we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, i think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care..Feelings are things that you have no control over. so, you can’t control who you fall for. when you fall for someone you feel every single emotion. you feel total happiness, sadness, excitement, disappointment, love, hate. heart break and so much more. when you fall in love you have to ask yourself, “is this person worth it?” worth all the emotion. worth the risk of heartbreak, worth everything…

Blinking Eye Emoticon

Blinking Eye Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Clapping Emoticon

Clapping Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Angel Emoticon

Angel Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Tongue Out Emoticon

Tongue Out Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Heart Giving Emoticon

Heart Giving Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

When Happen Something Unexpected

When Happen Something Unexpected New Emoticons 2015

Umbrella Smiley

Umbrella Smiley New Emoticons 2015

Saying Enough Emoticon

Saying Enough Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Forgotten Something Emoticon

Forgotten Something Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Dentist Emoticons

Dentist Emoticons New Emoticons 2015

Diverse Emoticon

Diverse Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Amazing New Emoticons

Amazing New Emoticons New Emoticons 2015

A Funny Emoticon

A Funny Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Feeling Happy Emoticon

Feeling Happy Emoticon New Emoticons 2015


Different Face Expression

Different Face Expression New Emoticons 2015

Girl Smiley

Girl Smiley New Emoticons 2015

Laughing And Pointing Emoticon

Laughing And Pointing New Emoticons 2015

Vampire Emoticon

Vampire Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Feeling In Love Emoticon Feeling In Love Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Nice Emoticons Collection Nice Emoticons Collection New Emoticons 2015

Beautiful Laughing Emoticon

Beautiful Laughing Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Pretty Emoticon

Pretty Emoticon New Emoticons 2015

Smiling Emoticons

Smiling Emoticons New Emoticons 2015

Emoticons 2014

Emoticons 2014 New Emoticons 2015

Some Funny Emoticons

Some Funny Emoticons New Emoticons 2015

Some Of The Hidden Skype Icons

Some Of The Hidden Skype Icons New Emoticons 2015

Kiss Emoticon For Facebook

Kiss Emoticon For Facebook New Emoticons 2015

Rose Emoticon For Facebook

Rose Emoticon For Facebook New Emoticons 2015

Amazing Emoticons

Amazing Emoticons New Emoticons 2015

List Of Emoticons For Facebook

List Of Emoticons For Facebook New Emoticons 2015

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