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How To Make Different Crying Emoticons

People cry when something happen wrong with them or when someone hurt them or when they feel something sad for them. Crying is also a way to explain the pain and the happiness that people feel but their lips can’t speak. After crying people feel relief. Shedding tears make people hearts and eyes clean. There

30+ Abusing Emoji For You

Action speaks loader than words. Our face expression shows what we feeling inside. The expressions on our face let the opponent to understand, what we trying to say but can’t speak in words. Where the words become less the face expressions done the job. Today, people are connected viva social media. many social media apps

30+ Cool Android Emoticons

Emoticons, emojis, and smileys make chat more easy and more attractive. Choose emoticons of your choice and according to your mood for your chat while you are chatting with your friends and say it all without saying a word. Use funny emoticons and experience unlimited fun, joy and pleasure. By using emoticons make your chat

40+ Cool Emoticons Code That You Can Type

Every one is aware of cool emoticons at┬ásocial media importance in today’s life. Emoticons code that you type┬ámostly use social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Skype, Whatsapp etc, to communicate with other people suing bunch of emoticons, for this you must remember the codes of emoticons. While chatting on social media different people uses different method
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